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Workbook Dock-&-Go Detachable Keyboard

Available from: £30

Key Features

  • Full 105 key soft touch keyboard
  • Direct magnetic connection to Workbook tablet
  • Integrated mouse trackpad
  • Only compatible with LearnPad Workbook Tablet
  • Also acts as a screen cover and viewing stand


The Dock and Go Detachable Keyboard provides a full 105 key soft touch keyboard that’s cleverly designed to be attached directly to the Workbook through a simple magnetic connection, so you can go from tablet to laptop mode instantly with no batteries to charge and no bluetooth to connect. Workbook’s keyboard features an integrated mouse trackpad so there’s no reliance on any external accessories.

The keyboard also acts as a screen cover and versatile stand offering multiple viewing angles that make it perfect for typing, reading, and browsing. The folding cover stand is built to protect the device when it is not in use and makes using the workbook for typing or touch interaction a breeze.

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