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Setup & Network Features

Neighbour Downloads

LearnPad’s Neighbour Downloads feature uses peer-to-peer file transfer to provide rapid lesson downloads.

Viewing Wi-Fi Information

The Wi-Fi Information page provides diagnostic information about your LearnPad device’s Wi-Fi connection

Active Directory Accounts

LearnPad can connect to Active Directory accounts allowing students to access shared network areas or their own home folders.

Connecting to student accounts

LearnPad can connect to existing student account servers to verify identity, discover network shares, and annotate submitted work. Student accounts are separate from LearnPad website user logins, which are only required for teachers and administrators.

Saving your work

Students can save their work in a number of ways depending on the Resource they are running. Applications may include a save button or menu option, but you can also capture what is on the screen for later reference.

Copying files

Copying files to and from the LearnPad device can be done from a personal computer, a USB memory stick, or an SD memory card.


Like all Android tablets, LearnPad does not have built-in support for printing. Instead users must rely on dedicated printing applications, usually made by the printer manufacturers themselves. Another option is to use a printing service like Google Cloud Print, which supports most printers, but requires users to log in before printing.

Device Communication

LearnPadConnect relies on various communication methods to send commands to LearnPad devices.

Firewall Configuration

LearnPad uses various channels to communicate with the central Connect servers and the in-class Dashboard.

Proxy server setup

Some school networks use proxy servers, which cache and filter Internet traffic. Some proxies require authentication and will modify their filtering policy depending on the credentials used.

Network shares

LearnPad can browse the contents of Windows Network shares and DFS namespaces.

Connecting to Wi-Fi

LearnPad has built-in Wi-Fi for connecting to a local wireless access point.

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