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Adding the MIT AI2 Companion as a Resource

The MIT AI2 Companion is used to develop Android applications using MIT App Inventor. It can be added as a Resource in the LearnPad ClassConnect Portal by following the steps detailed in this article.

LearnPad Annotate

LearnPad annotate is a useful tool for activity work, assessment and recording. This app allows students to display their knowledge or understanding by adding comments or labels to images they take with the camera, retrieve from the internet or receive from their teacher. Annotate is a powerful teaching tool but is simple and intuitive to use.

LearnPad Animator

LearnPad Animator is a simple-to-use animation app that gives students the opportunity to create fantastic stop-frame animated films quickly and easily.

LearnPad Presenter

LearnPad Presenter is a powerful yet easy to use classroom tool that allows pupils to bring their projects to life by scripting, presenting and recording their work. Used in partnership with separate video editing software, pupils can create imaginative and impactful final pieces featuring on-screen annotation and green-screen effects. Not only is Presenter a fantastic all-round tool, it is the perfect way of engaging reluctant writers, whilst allowing teachers to capture vital evidence for the assessment of soft-skills.

LearnPad ClassConnect

LearnPad’s ClassConnect app is a powerful tool that allows teachers to monitor and control LearnPads within the classroom as well as capture evidence of student work in real-time.

LearnPad Capture

LearnPad Capture is designed specifically for use with the LearnPad Decimo. Use on other LearnPad devices is not currently supported and may not function correctly.

How Lessons are Downloaded

LearnPad makes the most efficient use of your school’s Internet connection by downloading Lesson content on-demand. Learn more about how lessons are downloaded in this article.

Switching Lessons

The Resources on LearnPad are grouped into Lessons, which can be swapped per-device to suit the lesson plan. The current Lesson can be changed from LearnPad itself using a QrKey or via the ClassConnect portal.

Creating and Managing Website Resources

LearnPad allows teachers to add a specific web site or even a specific web page to their Lessons.

Adding e-books, PDFs and other documents

E-books, PDFs and other documents can be added to your Lessons as individual resources.

Adding folder resources

Folder Resources open up folder locations that are either on the device itself or on a file server.

Adding Android applications

LearnPad is an Android tablet and you can add your own native applications by uploading the APK package file.

IMPORTANT: You must have permission from the rights holder of the application before proceeding!

Adding YouTube Videos

YouTube videos work really well on LearnPad and you can link straight to the page for that video.

Managing Categories

Categories are collections of Resources. You can copy existing Categories or create new ones from scratch. Categories can be customised with different names, wallpapers, and icons to suit your lessons.

Managing lessons

Lessons are collections of up to six Categories. You can copy existing lessons or create new ones from scratch. Lessons can be customised with different names and background wallpapers to suit your classroom.

Uploading images

Uploaded images can be used as icons and background wallpapers for categories and lessons.

Using applications from the Google Play store

LearnPad is an Android tablet and you can download Apps from the Google Play Store as you would with any other Android device.

Using Resource Creator

Resource Creator is a tool that allows you to upload apps* from your LearnPad directly into the LearnPadConnect management portal. These apps can then be added into Categories as part of your Lesson profiles.

*IMPORTANT: Resource Creator may only be used with apps you have created yourself or with apps where you have the express permission from the publisher. You must review the full terms and conditions that are presented when you start the Resource Creator tool.

Using iTunes U

iTunes U contains online educational resources organised into “courses”. Many of these are free or contain free components that you might wish to include in your lessons.

Education City AutoLogin

Connecting to the online content for Education City is best done using their AutoLogin system, which avoids the need to distribute usernames and passwords throughout the school.


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