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Device Usage

The Toolbox

When a LearnPad is locked for student use, the only ways in which a student may access content are via the active Lesson and the Toolbox. Whilst the Lesson on a LearnPad is intended to change often, the Toolbox is always available and contains cross-curricular tools and resources that can be tailored to the needs of each school.

Getting to know your LearnPad

The LearnPad interface differs slightly from other devices. This handy PDF is a key to the on-screen LearnPad buttons.

Viewing and Sending Device Logs

The Device Logs page provides diagnostic information about the processes running on your LearnPad device.

Sending Work from LearnPad to ClassCloud

LearnPad’s ClassCloud feature makes it easy for pupils to submit their documents, photographs and other created work to their teacher. Files can be “handed in” by locating them using the LearnPad file browser, or by using the share function in compatible apps.

Sending Work to Other Devices

LearnPad’s allows files to be sent to other devices within your organisation, making it easy for pupils to send their documents, photographs and other created work directly to classmates and teachers.

Managing Files with the LearnPad File Browser

Managing files on your LearnPad devices is easy with LearnPad’s File Browser. Learn how to create, rename, copy and delete files in this article.

Getting Device Information (New)

The Information page provides diagnostic information about your LearnPad devices which can be useful for troubleshooting

Getting device information

This page gives a range of useful information about your LearnPad device. This can be used for troubleshooting.

Unlocking LearnPad

LearnPad can be in one of three lock modes:

  • Locked (Student Mode)Where only the LearnPad interface is visible and only approved resources are available.
  • Unlocked (Teacher Mode)Where a dedicated Teacher category is available and no application or website blocking is applied.
  • Unlocked (Admin Mode)Where LearnPad can be used as a fully-functional Android tablet. The secure LearnPad interface can be relaunched at any time and quickly locked.

LearnPad Config

The LearnPad Config application is responsible for downloading lesson content from the LearnPad servers. It can be accessed from the Teacher menu and contains a number of settings and utilities.

Using QrKeys

QrKeys allow you to operate certain LearnPad features using the built-in camera. Teachers and students can change lessonsjoin Wi-Fi networks, or create quizzes as easily as taking a picture. They can also be used to unlock LearnPad without exposing passwords in the classroom.

Charging & monitoring

The type of charger required differs between devices. To ensure you do not damage your device you should only use the charger supplied with it. Using a charger that is not rated to the specification of your devices can cause permanent damage and render the device unusable.

Switching on & off

The exact instructions may differ slightly depending upon the age and type of LearnPad you are using. If you require additional assistance, please contact us.

Connecting USB devices

LearnPad has a USB port that supports many standard peripherals. The port is a micro-USB type and is located on the device bezel.

Locking LearnPad

LearnPad can be locked to prevent students from accessing content or settings that have not been authorised by the teacher.

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