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ClassConnect Portal

The Toolbox

When a LearnPad is locked for student use, the only ways in which a student may access content are via the active Lesson and the Toolbox. Whilst the Lesson on a LearnPad is intended to change often, the Toolbox is always available and contains cross-curricular tools and resources that can be tailored to the needs of each school.

Viewing Handed In Work via ClassCloud

ClassCloud provides cloud storage to which pupils can send (hand in) documents, photographs and other created work. This means that teachers can easily view, edit, save, mark and print students’ work that they have created on LearnPad devices.

Handing Out Work to Devices

LearnPad’s Hand Out feature makes it easy for teachers to send resources such as worksheets, tests and supplementary learning materials to their pupils’ devices.

Voucher Codes and Licenses

For each device enrolled within your organisation you are required to assign a license.

Dashboard Table View

The Dashboard Table View supersedes the “Devices” management page; it provides an overview of the state of your devices at the last check-in.
Please note, the table does not update in real-time, the “Last Access” column will indicate how recently the device checked in, the more recently a device has checked in the more accurate the information in the table will be.

Switching Organisations

Users who are members of multiple organisations or who manage accounts that have subordinate organisations, can switch between the organisations they manage by clicking the pencil icon next to their organisation name at the top right hand side of the screen within the LearnPadConnect Portal.

Message of the Day

The “Message of the Day” feature allows an Admin or Owner of an organisation to set a customised message that will be displayed to all users of the organisation and any sub-organisations, when they next log in.

The Teacher Menu

The Teacher Menu is only available when LearnPad is unlocked. It contains resources that you only want to make available to the teacher, such as an unlocked browser.

User Roles Explained

LearnPad allows you to assign or invite users to your organisation.

You are able to assign different user roles depending upon the level of access each user requires.

Hand In, Hand Out and ClassCloud

LearnPad ClassCloud is secure cloud storage which is used in conjunction with LearnPad InClass features (Hand In and Hand Out).

Hand In is a feature of LearnPad InClass that allows students to submit their work (such as documents or photographs) to the teacher. The teacher can easily view, edit, save, print or send back the documents from within the LearnPad portal.

Hand Out is a feature of LearnPad InClass that allows teachers to send documents to either an individual or a group of LearnPads (such as a marked copy of a student’s work or an exam paper).

ClassCloud chronologically archives students work and allows each school to store up to 2GB of student documents free of charge. Additional storage can be purchased if required.

Upgrading the LearnPad Version

The current version of the LearnPad software installed on your devices can be seen in the Version Info section of the Information Page. The version number is composed of four parts, but the final part uniquely identifies each version with higher numbers representing later versions. For example, LearnPad is the 159th release of the LearnPad software.

Installing user certificates

Web connected devices use SSL Certificates to confirm the identity of servers they need to connect to securely.

In some cases, servers can use a certificate that hasn’t been signed by a recognised certifying authority (a self-signed certificate). If such a server is known to be secure and trustworthy, it can prove more user-friendly to install the server’s certificate on any devices that connect to it.

This process is known as installing a User Certificate, and prevents persistent security warnings from being shown to the user.

Changing LearnPad Passwords

By default, LearnPad can be unlocked using either one of two passwords which can be found on the Unlocking LearnPad page. Using the Passwords page, it is possible for Organisation Administrators to specify new passwords to unlock their LearnPads.

Subordinate organisations

LearnPad organisations can be hierarchical, for instance a school can create seperate subordinate organisations for primary and secondary departments. This allows different users to assume different roles within those organisations, while adminstrators and support staff can still have visibility into all.

User Management

Administrators, teachers, and teaching assistants can all be added to your Organisation with different roles depending on their responsibilities.

Enrolling in an organisation

Enrolling your LearnPads allows you to monitor and control them from the ClassConnect dashboard. It can also allow devices to download potentially sensitive content, so enrollment should be restricted to approved devices only.

Managing Places

Places can help you manage locations for LearnPads within your school. Using Places allows a teacher to set a pre-defined Lesson and focuses the LearnPad Dashboard view onto the devices the teacher wants to manage.

Dashboard View

The LearnPad Dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of the devices in your organisation. It allows you to check your devices before a lesson starts and also to control them during the lesson.

The Dashboard comprises a device list, a group and alerts sidebar, and a control bar (at the bottom of the screen).

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