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Supervision & Control

Supervising and controlling student tablet
activity is an essential requirement for
successfully deploying tablet devices within the
busy classroom

Providing Easy Supervision

Supervising a classroom of students with tablets is, at best, difficult. LearnPad’s ClassView® makes this simple by allowing teachers to connect to, monitor and interact with students whilst they work.

Being able to remotely view and interact with students allows teachers to quickly monitor progress, provide interaction and support for students when they need it and quickly assess their level of comprehension.

ClassView also allows teachers to remotely monitor students’ devices outside of the classroom, such as students in study groups in the library.

Enabling Collaboration and Sharing

Peer-based learning and collaboration are crucial to any successful classroom. Bringing students together to share and collaborate on classwork engages them and enhances the learning process.
LearnPad’s range of collaborative classroom technology and educational content provides the framework needed for students to work together and share ideas and knowledge. LearnPad allows students to access network resources and home drives and to share their work with any other LearnPad device.

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