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The Pupil Premium (PP) is funding for pupils from low-income families, looked after children or those whose parents are currently serving in the Armed Forces. It was created to address the achievement gap between disadvantaged pupils and their peers by giving every school and teacher the resources they need to help their most disadvantaged pupils, allowing them the freedom to respond appropriately to individual circumstances.

Funding must be spent on the pupils who qualify for the PP, recorded on that pupil’s action plan and progress form as well as the information regarding allocation of the fund and how it has helped raise attainment being made available to the public. It is imperative for schools to see their investment make a real difference to their pupils.

BESA’s (British Educational Suppliers Association) research indicates that more than 50% of student-facing computers will be tablets by 2020, so it is critical that schools maximise the investment they make in tablet technology by ensuring they are used and managed effectively across the school. To achieve this, schools need a robust solution to manage, maintain and deliver resources and applications to these devices.

LearnPad is the only tablet designed for education. Every LearnPad comes with the ability to access over 11,000 free curricular resources and a range of free tools to enable creative teaching and learning. LearnPad can help teachers raise attainment for all students, which is the driving force behind the Pupil Premium funding.


After speaking with existing LearnPad user schools, the following key focus areas have been identified and aligned with associated LearnPad features and benefits to address the issues raised:


Pupils who have difficulties with the spoken word may have little opportunity to review and replay their output at home. Speaking and listening are often hard to encourage and record in class.

LearnPad Features and Benefits

LearnPad is ideally suited to support and grow pupils’ oracy skills by using the built-in camera and microphone to record themselves, offering instant feedback via the screen, leading to evaluation and self-improvement of their skills.


Pupils struggle to have opportunity at home to express themselves and their feelings. Offering them the time and tools to do so is key.

LearnPad Features and Benefits

Every LearnPad device has resources and tools to allow pupils to express themselves and any issues they may have. Pupils can record and discuss their feelings with staff and peers by creating a collage/painting, using the built-in camera to record a play, Animator Tool to animate a story and the Presenter Tool to create, film and present their work in a new and exciting way.


Pupils need to communicate effectively and learn to use their skills for a purpose in a meaningful context, allowing them to develop different styles of dialogue for talking to peers and staff.

LearnPad Features and Benefits

Use the LearnPad to create listening stations and allow pupils to record their communications and review them back ensures an environment rich in text and talk.


Provision of books and audio resources encourage and improve reading in FSM pupils. Pupils may not often have access to books at home and may struggle to get support from adults as well.

LearnPad Features and Benefits

Improve reading ability and open up discussion with LearnPad’s eBook Reader, which provides a library of eBooks and resources with narration and reading support.


The building blocks of literacy is a skill best learnt by practice and reinforcement and phonics is often an area in which FSM children fall behind.

LearnPad Features and Benefits

Ability to create and use existing phonics collections of resources with instruction, activities and games to help consolidate the classroom learning.


Like phonics in literacy, basic maths forms the foundation for everything that follows it and is an area FSM pupils often lack in.

LearnPad Features and Benefits

Create or use existing collections of best-in-breed maths instruction, revision and games and deliver it in an exciting way to strengthen lessons being learnt in class.


Providing either dual language or language-free resources for EAL pupils can be hard. LearnPad provides creative tools that allow children with little language skills to express themselves and create work without reliance on language.

LearnPad Features and Benefits

Providing either dual language or language free resources for EAL pupils can be heard. LearnPad provides creative tools that allow children with little language skills to express themselves and create work without reliance on language.


LearnPad can deliver single activities or whole libraries of eBooks, be used for the delivery of specific principles or to create bespoke pieces of work. LearnPads are lightweight and mobile and allow the pupils to learn whenever and wherever they want. Allowing devices to go home is a real possibility for those schools looking to bolster the home/school links and engage parents, as there is the ability to track devices, lock them down and even restrict access on a home Wi-Fi so that pupils can only view what teachers want them to.


Holland Park Primary School in Essex is a mixed school catering for learners aged 5-11. The school aims to support all staff and children in using new technologies to enhance everyday teaching and learning. The school has invested in 47 LearnPads with an additional 15 for their Pupil Premium students.

Holland Park has seen a significant increase in pupil enthusiasm and engagement when using the LearnPad devices. Teachers commented that students are immediately more engaged and they support the development of a number of essential academic skills including research, problem-solving, creative thinking and teamworking. They are also able to make their subscription-based websites readily available to use which they weren't in the past, and that's extended learning and will no doubt increase attainment.

Headteacher Anthony Welch, states; "In my opinion, the impact of LearnPads on raising attainment has been significant and measureable. Data collection show that where pupils have received targeted intervention using LearnPads and related software, progress has accelerated."


Please contact a member of our team today if you would like any further detail on how LearnPads can be purchased with Pupil Premium funding.
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