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Leader Schools

What is a LearnPad Leader School?

LearnPad Leader Schools are chosen for their outstanding achievements in embedding teaching and learning through the use of LearnPads in their classrooms.

The goal of LearnPad Leader Schools is to raise awareness of the effectiveness of the use of LearnPads in the classroom.

LearnPad Leader Schools become a regional support school and their staff provide advice to regional schools in the use and best practice of LearnPad, in addition to leading their own school.

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Penybont Primary School

Penybont Primary School in Bridgend is LearnPad's Welsh region Leader School .

Penybont Primary School's purchase of LearnPads through the use of their Pupil Deprivation Grant (PDG), has transformed their classrooms by engaging the children to learn. This has led to improved levels of attainment and motivation for their students. Read their Case Study to find out more.

Holland Park Primary

Holland Park School in Essex is the LearnPad Leader School for the East of England region.

Holland Park feel that technology can be used to make learning both more enjoyable and more effective and that pupils and staff will benefit through learning with ICT. Aiming to keep pace with educational developments in this area they are committed to teachers having the necessary tools and training to teach effectively.

Grange Primary

Grange Primary in Gloucester is the LearnPad Leader School for the South West region.

Grange Primary has a strong creative focus on developing Literacy, Numeracy and ICT skills, and enables children to become innovative and creative learners who achieve the highest possible academic, artistic and technical standards throughout all areas of the curriculum.

Grange Primary undertook extensive research into tablet technology before purchasing LearnPads. Read Grange's Case Study to find out more.

Witley CofE Infant School

Witley CofE Infant School in Surrey is LearnPad's Leader School for the South East Region.

Witley Infant Schools vision is to motivate and empower everyone within the school community to achieve their full potential as life-long learners whilst nurturing their individuality.

The Kilburn Park School

The Kilburn Park School in Brent is LearnPad's Outer London region LearnPad Leader School.

Kilburn Park pupil goals are to achieve and exceed expected standards in English, Mathematics, Science and ICT and acquire a deep understanding of the relevant knowledge and skills, to crave knowledge and be true lifelong learners.

Yardley Wood Community Primary

Yardley Wood Community Primary in Birmingham is LearnPad's Leader School in the Midlands region.

Yardley Wood aim to provide a good grounding in Speaking and Listening, Reading, Writing and Mathematics, to develop investigative skills, knowledge and understanding in Science and Technology, and to provide experiences and learning opportunities in all other subject areas, through a creative curriculum which provides breadth and balance.

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