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Shared Devices, Individual Students

Not all schools can afford a 1:1 tablet implementation, yet every student has their own work and needs. LearnPad InClass is a unique system that allows children to identify themselves on a shared mobile device by simply typing in their name or using a unique QrKey. This can be tied to school resources, such as shared folders or workspaces, so they can open, edit and save their existing files and documents.

Teachers can identify which student is using a particular device on the ClassConnect dashboard, helping them manage their work, monitor progress and connect to, message and assist students when needed.

Sharing and Saving Classwork

InClass allows students and teachers to easily share tablet-based work and assignments. Students can ‘Hand In’ work produced on the LearnPad, including documents, screenshots, photos, videos, audio files and work produced within specific applications. All work is ‘tagged’ with the student’s identity for easy reference and is time and date stamped, so teachers can confirm when work was submitted.

Teachers can ‘Hand Out’ files or documents, selectively deploying them directly to students, either as a group or individually. Send a worksheet or assignment to students by simply uploading it to the Connect portal, and then push it out directly to student tablets.

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