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Differentiated Learning

Shared devices, limited time. So how do you
provide effective differentiated learning?

Personalised Learning with a QrKey

Providing differentiated learning requires a simple way to identify and deliver resources to specific students. LearnPad does this with a simple QrKey, which can be used on any available device, quickly and efficiently.

LearnPad InClass allows students to easily and quickly access their personalised resources on any device. Students can login to network resources and home drives and teachers can create unique, customised learning profiles for individual students. Differentiated learning can be as easy as a student taking a photo.

Student & Teacher Interaction

Some students need more help than others. The interaction between a student and teacher may involve work being submitted and checked numerous times.

ClassCloud is a simple, effective solution for students and teachers to exchange work. A student can easily submit their work for marking, allowing the teacher to quickly asses the students level of comprehension, and provide additional support as needed.

Delivering differentiated learning

No one learns at the same pace. Being able to define and deliver differentiated learning pathways for individual students unlocks the potential for greater student progress.
ClassConnect allows teachers to create specific Lesson Profiles for individual students, so they can learn at their own pace and feel confident that they are achieving and succeeding with teacher-assigned tasks.
What easier way to do this than through automatically generated QrKeys? QrKeys make content delivery as easy as taking a photo.

Interacting with students’ work

One of the most difficult tasks with any digital device in the classroom is managing the flow of information and classwork to and from the device.
Simple tasks such as retrieving student documents, photos or videos can be time-consuming and frustrating.
LearnPad’s ClassCloud and sharing features allow students to share their work with peers and submit device-based content to teachers for assessment. Teachers can also hand out tasks and assignments.

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