LearnPad Notes

ClassConnect is a powerful tool that allows teachers to monitor and control LearnPads within the classroom as well as capture evidence of student work in real-time. The ClassConnect app gives teachers the functionality of ClassConnect in the palm of their hand.

The ClassConnect app is intuitive and easy to use; simply log in using your existing portal details to start managing other devices in your classroom using a range of actions such as:

  • Updating the Lesson Profile.
  • Showing thumbnail video (small preview video) from the device screens.
  • Suspending and resuming devices by switching the screen on and off.
  • Locking and unlocking.
  • Muting and unmuting.
  • Capturing screenshots and saving using LearnPad’s ClassCloud storage.

Devices can be managed individually or in groups by simply tapping the thumbnails to make a selection.

LearnPad Notes Screenshot

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