Company - LearnPad UK

What is LearnPad?

At LearnPad we pride ourselves on developing simple, effective and innovative solutions for the classroom. Our award-winning products now include a brand new range of collaborative classroom tools and accessories that enhance and simplify classroom technology.

All LearnPad products work in harmony to create a collaborative, connected and engaging learning environment that gives teachers simple control of classroom technology.

Why LearnPad?

At LearnPad every product is designed around the fundamental principle of simplicity. Making our products easy-to-use means teachers can spend less time managing the technology and more time teaching.

Being solely focused on education enables us to develop creative ideas that support teaching and learning within the classroom; ideas like changing content by taking a photo, charging devices without wires, controlling all classroom devices from a simple screen or creating classroom packages that make it easy for schools to invest in touchscreen technology.

LearnPad in Use

LearnPad’s phenomenal growth over the past 12 months has seen our simple classroom technology being used globally in over 20 countries from the Middle East to North America. Over 120,000 LearnPads are now used in over 11,000 schools worldwide, reaching more than 3 million children.

LearnPad UK