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ClassConnect Classroom Dashboard

The ClassConnect Dashboard is your window to view and control classroom tablet devices. From here you can monitor student activity using ClassView, remotely suspend or lock individual or grouped devices, send new activities or Lessons, and receive alerts from devices, such as low battery warnings.

You can even communicate directly with students and send discreet messages to those that need more help, or grade work for students that have finished the assigned task. The Dashboard gives you real-time control over your classroom tablets, from a simple web page. No expensive servers to install or software to configure.

Getting Ready for Class

Lesson time is valuable time. Wasting it on devices that don't have the correct apps or content on them consumes valuable teaching time. ClassConnect simplifies this by using Lesson Profiles, a collection of applications, websites and files that can be sent wirelessly to multiple LearnPads simultaneously.

Apply this to a group of LearnPads via the Dashboard, and all of the content is automatically downloaded and installed. You can also retrieve files, pictures and videos directly from the LearnPads.

Additionally, ClassConnect can deliver application upgrades, system updates and can be used to expire or remove content from any connected device.

Curriculum Profile Customisation

Creating custom Categories and Lesson Profiles in ClassConnect is a simple process. Use background images and icons to design a layout then using a graphical interface, simply ‘drag & drop’ the activities you want into each Category. Once a Lesson is defined it can be applied to as many devices as required. Teachers can even upload their own files, images and icons to customise LearnPads for their school.

Update the Lesson with new resources and these will be automatically sent to each device. Use ClassConnect to send Lesson changes to multiple devices or generate a QrKey and apply this to individual LearnPads using their built in camera.

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