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New LearnPad Features Update

We would like to share with all of our customers some great new LearnPad features that we will be launching very shortly.

We’ve been working hard recently on some great new classroom tools that will help teachers better engage with students and make tablet based classwork simpler to distribute and manage. These new features, called LearnPad InClass® will be wrapped up in a free software update that we will make available to all of our customers over the next few weeks.

In anticipation of, and to support the new release, we have made a few changes to the LearnPadConnect™ portal which will go live on 13th November 2013. We thought we would let you all know about these now, just in case the changes cause a little confusion.

LearnPad content has always been arranged hierarchically into activitiescategories, and profiles. However, the world is a big place, and sometimes different words have a different meaning or connotation in different countries. So to make sure all of our global school customers have a common set of names that better describe the LearnPad interface, we have made a few changes. From tomorrow, ‘Profiles’ will become ‘Lessons’ and ‘Activities’ will become ‘Resources’, with ‘Categories’ remaining the same. So the hierarchical structure will be:

Lessons > Categories > Resources

None of your existing profiles or activities will be changed, they will just be referred to now as lessons and resources. Just to recap, a lesson is a collection of up to 6 categories, and a category is a collection of resources. Resources are apps, websites, documents, images, audio, video or any type of supported files.

Hopefully this won’t cause too much confusion, but if you do have any questions, please do contact and our technical team will be happy to assist.

We will let you know as soon as the new LearnPad InClass®  update is available and you will be able to push this update out to all of your devices from the LearnPadConnect™ portal with just a simple click!

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